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Filing for Divorce After Domestic Violence Massachusetts

Domestic violence can take many forms. Whether emotional, physical or mental, marital abuse almost always involves psychological intimidation as well. All too often, abusers use these forms of violence against their spouse to create fear and establish power over the other spouse. It is typical of abusers that they also seek control of the marital property and marital finances.

Domestic violence victims often believe they have nowhere to turn for help. They fear that they will lose custody of their children to their abusive spouse or lose their economic security if the spouse is awarded all the money and assets. This fear can be paralyzing, but there is a way out: if you are a victim of domestic abuse we can help you stop suffering in silence and take back your rights.

Immediately contact the Taunton domestic violence attorneys at Percy Law Group, PC, for an initial consultation. Our law firm has aggressively represented countless domestic violence victims and we have a proven track record of success.

Aggressively Pursuing Justice for Domestic Violence Victims in Taunton

Spousal abusers intend for you to be so fearful that you will not fight back. They often use children as a tool to control the abused spouse, essentially creating fear that if the victim does not submit, then the children will be made to suffer. We can help shield you and your children from this type of abuse while achieving the best possible divorce terms.

One invaluable tool to fight spousal abuse under Massachusetts law is the ability to have a restraining order imposed on the abusing spouse. Under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 209A, a restraining order is designed to protect you and your children from further domestic violence by establishing a legal and physical buffer zone between you and the abusive spouse. Additionally, there are steps that you can take personally that will help your situation. If you are experiencing any form of domestic violence, and you are preparing for a divorce, it is important that you keep records of the following:

  • A copy all of financial records. Keep them in a place where your spouse cannot find them. Do not let your spouse know you have made copies. These important papers include bank statements, credit card records and the like.
  • Written records of all interactions with the abuser, including exact times and dates where abusive behavior has taken place.
  • Documentation of abuse, including police reports, witness statements, medical records, and photographs.

These documents will be crucial when the Massachusetts Probate Court decides the terms of a restraining order, child custody and child visitation arrangements, and the division of your marital property. These documents will also be useful if there are future incidents of domestic violence.

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