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Estate Planning For a Complex Lottery Winners Estate


Several weeks ago a new prospective client, the winner of $25million in a Massachusetts State Lottery game, contacted us for help. This person was understandingly overwhelmed but knew his first decision was which attorney to hire for all the legal and practical decisions to come. This person chose us to provide the sophisticated estate and financial planning services needed. But our client got much more than that. The client also received the empathy and emotional support of all 30 team members here at Percy Law Group and access to our trusted partners in federal and state income tax matters, financial service needs, and insurance concerns. Essentially we created a circle of trust around our client. As part of the client’s estate planning needs we set up a ‘blind trust’ to take ownership of the winning ticket, present it to the Lottery Commission, and place the lottery winnings in trust for the client and family. We advised using a ‘blind’ trust so that the client’s name and other personal information was shielded from the public. This is a technique we routinely employ in these cases.

Our client is a humble and honorable person of previously limited means in life who fully intends to use the winnings to better the lives of family and friends. Everyone here at Percy Law Group is proud our client chose us to provide the expertise, empathy and guidance needed (and continues to need) to adjust to a very new and different life.

At Percy Law Group we have the expertise and resources to give our clients, their families and businesses excellent and cost effective legal and practical guidance. Contact us at any time to see how we can best help you. Contact us online or call us at (508) 206-9900 at any time to see how we can best help you.

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