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Massachusetts Child Custody Attorneys

Resolving child custody issues is one of the most important tasks of the family courts. The goal of the child custody process is to protect the best interests of children by assigning parental rights and responsibilities between their parents and, in some cases, other parties. That is why it's important for you to have a child custody attorney who understands what you are facing and has the experience to get results. At Percy Law Group, PC, we will make sure that your voice in these matters is clearly and decisively heard. We will fight for your rights while staying focused on you, your case, your needs and your results. Contact us today to arrange a initial consultation. From our various Massachusetts offices, our Taunton child custody attorneys have extensive experience in child custody and visitation cases. We can deliver these services efficiently and effectively. We understand money may be at a premium for you during these challenging times.

Fighting for You and Your Child

When a child's parents get divorced, the court needs to determine who gets both physical custody (the day-to-day responsibility of caring for the child) and legal custody (the right to participate in important decisions). Child custody is also addressed in paternity cases. Physical custody and visitation are often referred to as "parenting time," and custody plans and visitation schedules are often referred to as "parenting plans."

We ensure that your voice is clearly and decisively heard in a wide range of custody issues, including:

  • Child custody modifications: When your (or your former spouse's) circumstances change, we will fight for your rights, as it may be in the best interests of the child for one parent to get more or less custody or visitation time.

  • Fathers' rights: The child custody process is supposed to be free of any type of gender bias, and our attorneys fight for fathers to achieve equal treatment.

  • Interstate custody and visitation: We have extensive experience assisting clients when the child's parents are living in two different states; our advice is invaluable, as such modification requests and parental disputes can be particularly complex.

  • Parental relocation: Whether you wish to move with your child or object to the other parent's relocation request, our experienced parental relocation lawyers will fight to get you the result you need.

  • Grandparents' rights: In Massachusetts, we will work hard for grandparents' visitation and custody rights, as those rights are addressed by the family courts on a case-by-case basis.

Carefully Pursuing the Results You and Your Children Deserve

You can rely on our attorneys for skilled, attentive representation. We will carefully listen to your story, fully explain your rights and responsibilities, and work with you as you identify your goals. You can count on us to then aggressively pursue your goals in a determined, result-focused manner through negotiations, mediation or litigation. We understand how important your children or grandchildren are to you, and we are dedicated to helping you preserve and protect your relationship with them. Contact us to discuss what our determined and experienced attorneys can do to help you.

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