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Solar panels and the sale of your home: be VERY careful what you sign.


The contract attorneys at Percy Law Group, PC are here to help you understand the risks of entering into a solar equipment leasing or solar equipment purchasing contract for your home. While solar energy is an excellent option for many homeowners the terms of the sale or lease contact can be harmful to homeowners. Be informed and use good judgement by having one of our real estate attorneys review the agreement before you sign it. Solar company lease agreements for the installation of solar panels contain substantial financial risks. Further these risks often arise just when you are selling your home. Consumers are also experiencing increased difficulty in refinancing, obtaining equity loans or entering into reverse mortgages as a result of signing these long-term lease agreements and solar equipment purchase agreements.

Furthermore homeowners are finding they cannot sell their home unless the solar company approves the prospective buyer. And if the prospective buyer is not approved by the solar company the owner is faced with purchasing the solar panels and equipment in order to get out of the lease. One recent client who contacted us had to spend almost $20,000.00 to get out of the solar company contract so they could sell their home.

Achieving Cost-Effective Solutions: Let Our Experience Work for You.

From our numerous offices in Eastern Massachusetts our real estate team will provide a comprehensive review of your options, advise on your best course of action, and efficiently and effectively craft the documentation needed to accurately protect your interests. Contact us online or call us toll free at (508) 206-9900 to schedule an initial consultation. We have staff members who speak Spanish and Portuguese.

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