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Identifying and implementing your goals for asset protection means hiring the right team.

Percy Law Group PC’s estate planners help clients maximize wealth and minimize:

  • probate costs
  • liability issues
  • state and federal estate taxes
  • long-term care concerns
  • soften issues relative to family dynamics, and
  • provide peace of mind to their clients.

Your estate is comprised of every asset you own either individually or with other people. Every type of asset has its own character, and planning techniques will vary based on what your asset is and how it is owned. There are two general types of assets in an estate, those that transfer as part of a probate court proceeding and those that transfer outside of a probate court proceeding. Eliminating or at least greatly reducing the involvement of the probate court is an important goal. We use various types of trusts to get you there; depending on the asset and its value we use revocable or irrevocable trusts to protect you. Keep in mind that having a will doesn’t accomplish that goal; a will is merely a set of instructions to the probate court and your Personal Representative. For the will to be operative it must be submitted to and approved by the probate court.

Achieving Cost-Effective Solutions: Let Our Experience Work for You.

From our numerous offices in Eastern Massachusetts our estate planning team will provide a comprehensive review of your options, advise on your best course of action, and efficiently and effectively craft the documentation needed to accurately protect your interests. Contact us online or call us toll free at (508) 206-9900to schedule an initial consultation. We have staff members who speak Spanish and Portuguese.

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