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Nursing Home NeglectIt is a sad truth that nursing homes and assisted living facilities make mistakes. They are operated by humans, who make errors. Sometimes these errors result in serious injury or even death to the patient in the home. When this happens, the relatives of the patient may have a claim for nursing home negligence and nursing home malpractice.

These cases are often tragic and always serious. The elderly patient is often frail, sometimes confused and always vulnerable. Because they are in poor health entering the home, any injury there may make things much worse.

Typically these convalescent facilities have extensive insurance coverage and, as we all know, insurance companies are never to be trusted; their goal is always to pay out the least amount possible, regardless of who is hurt and why. That is why you need thenursing home neglect lawyers at Percy Law Group, PC, on your side. We stay focused on your case, your needs, your results, all the while fighting to protect your right to recover full, fair and complete compensation. That is our promise to you.

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Maximum Compensation for Victims of Nursing Home Neglect

If you or a loved one has been injured, our experienced lawyers will search out all liable parties. We hold medical personnel and administrators, doctors, nurses, other medical staff, and the medical facility accountable when their negligent actions result in an injury. We investigate the incident reviewing nursing home policies, medical records, and other information. We can utilize leading medical experts to determine if the care provided was substandard and therefore medical malpractice. We act quickly to preserve evidence, such as patient records and medical records before they are tampered with or destroyed. Through jury trial or insurance settlement, we seek maximum compensation for medical expenses and future care, emotional harm and other damages such as loss of enjoyment.

Nursing Homes Have a Duty to Provide Proper Care for Your Loved One

Nursing homes, assisted living centers and other convalescent facilities have a duty under the law to provide appropriate care in line with the standards of care for similar facilities. When a home violates this standard of care, we say it is legally "negligent" and has committed malpractice. There are three general types of nursing home malpractice:

  • Inadequate care: Often nursing homes are not properly staffed or are understaffed, and injuries happen to patients because they are not receiving the quantity and quality of care required. Examples include failure to turn patients, which can result in serious bedsores; patients who need help walking and do not get it, as a result they fall; patients may become infected because of inadequate hygiene.
  • Abuse: Tragically, some patients are assaulted by staff. Some are sexual assaults. Many of these happen because of inadequate screening and supervision of the staff.
  • Medical mistakes

In most medical malpractice cases, the standard of care is proven by bringing in expert witnesses (usually physicians) to testify as to appropriate care under the circumstances and whether the doctor violated that standard. In nursing home cases, the standards are often established by government regulation and are much clearer. Also, records of incidents are required to be available to the public in most cases and make the investigation of these cases smoother than in other malpractice cases where doctors and hospitals typically stonewall any attempt to get information.

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