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Massachusetts Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are sometimes referred to as "fender-benders." This innocent sounding name can hide the very real injuries that can happen in these types of accidents. It is so important after any accident, even a so-called "minor" accident, to seek medical attention. After seeking medical attention, it is important to talk to a lawyer who will give your injuries and your legal claim the attention it needs.

Taunton Car Accident Attorneys Taking on All Types of Claims

The attorneys of Percy Law Group, PC, represent people who have been injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including rear-end collisions. Although our main office is located in Taunton, we have numerous offices located throughout eastern Massachusetts.

Even if your automobile sustained only minor damage in a rear-end collision, you may have significant injuries. It is common for individuals to sustain bulging disks, herniated disks or other back injuries in a rear-end collision. Other injuries such as soft tissue injuries caused by whiplash are very common. While you may not have any pain immediately following the accident, these injuries can become more apparent, and much more painful, over time. These injuries can place severe limits on what you are able to do. Depending on the type of work you do, these injuries could prevent you from working at all.

Our Lawyers Will Help You Overcome Obstacles in Your Path

After a rear-end collision, it is vital to have an experienced lawyer working on your case. In rear-end collisions, the insurance company will likely try to understate the extent of your injuries, or will claim that your injuries were caused by a pre-existing condition. In short, the insurance company will go to great lengths to minimize your claim or deny it altogether.

Our law firm will act swiftly and certainly to gather all evidence showing exactly what caused your injuries. We will work with your treating physician and medical experts as necessary to show how the rear-end collision is responsible for your injuries. If the insurance company is not willing to make a reasonable offer of settlement, our Taunton rear-end collision attorneys will be fully prepared to present your case before a jury.

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Call us toll free at or complete our contact form to schedule your free initial consultation. We accept all injury claims on a contingent fee basis, meaning there is no fee unless we recover monetary damages in your case. We have Spanish and Portuguese speakers on staff, and will make home and hospital visits if you are unable to travel.

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