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Massachusetts Grandparent Visitation Attorneys

Grandparents often seek to establish visitation rights in order to maintain their relationships with their grandchildren. This is especially important to grandparents who are no longer on good terms with the child's parents because of divorce, separation, or other reasons. That is why it's important for you to have the team at Percy Law Group, PC, on your side. We fight for you, and we won't stop fighting for you until we get the justice you deserve. That is our promise.

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Fighting to Establish Grandparents' Rights in the Taunton Area

Grandparents who wish to file for visitation must do so in the area where their grandchild resides. Grandparent's visitation rights always involve deeply emotional and sensitive issues. Grandparents will often petition for visitation or even custody where there are allegations of child abuse or suspicion of neglect. Grandparents have much to offer children; they are often more financially secure, stable, and have the time to spend with grandchildren.

However, it is important to remember that a court will not create a relationship where one has not previously existed. It is also important to remember that the best interests of the child is the primary determining factor when before Massachusetts Probate Court judges. Part of what we do involves working effectively with psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals as we develop our case to prove that it is in the best interests of the child to be with his or her Grandparents.

Resisting Grandparent Visitations

There are also situations where our clients find themselves fighting Grandparents who have attempted to assert and prove that a legally protected relationship with a grandchild exists. Often in such circumstances our clients believe that it is not in the child's best interests to have such rights formally established. Sometimes this is due to a perceived threat to their own parental rights. Sometimes they simply do not trust the grandparents enough to give them unfettered access to or control over the children, even for a limited period of time. Especially in cases involving divorced or single parents, our clients find themselves resisting the efforts of grandparents to establish regular visitation schedules or even primary physical custody. Often these grandparents are well meaning. But our clients find that the attempts of grandparents to establish what in effect are parental rights can be intrusive and can sometimes undermine parent-child relationships.

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The grandparent rights attorneys at Percy Law Group, PC are here to help. We fight for you, and we won't stop fighting for you until we get the justice you deserve. That is our promise. We understand the difficult position you're in and your need for help. Our attorneys and staff are friendly, helpful and happy to answer any questions or concerns that you have throughout the process. We will always keep you informed about the progress of your case and explain your options in clear terms. Decisions will be yours. We are easy to reach and work with your bests interests in mind. We have the experience, and would be pleased to consult with you when you are choosing who will represent you. We offer compassion and support while aggressively pursuing justice. Speak with our knowledgeable attorneys at Percy Law Group, PC.

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