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Quincy Divorce Mediation Attorneys

Guiding You & Your Spouse Through an Amicable Separation

Divorce is often a contentious and traumatic experience for everyone involved. Even if you and your former partner are separating amicably and for the right reasons, it can still be a long and painful process.

If you and your spouse are willing to work together to settle your separation, there are alternatives to divorce for you to consider. One of these is called mediation, in which a designated individual helps both parties settle their divorce issues outside of court. This process is far less time consuming and costly than traditional divorce and can help you remain on better terms with everyone involved while still getting the results you want and need in order to move on.

At the Percy Law Group, PC, our Quincy divorce mediation attorneys have decades of experience helping people like you get the closure and concessions they need after a marriage has ended. We have a legal team dedicated exclusively to family law issues who can help you navigate every step of the process with ease. We even have a dedicated Divorce Mediation Center that is able to cater to all of your legal needs.

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The Divorce Mediation Center

We recently created the Massachusetts Divorce Mediation Center to serve our clients throughout Quincy, Taunton, and Fall River. The Center focuses exclusively on mediation services that will settle your divorce in an affordably and efficiently.

Our Quincy divorce mediation attorneys will guide you and your ex-partner through issues such as:

  • Alimony
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Parenting time
  • Property division
  • And more

How Does Mediation Work?

One of our Massachusetts divorce mediators will meet with each party individually to discuss each person’s wants, needs, and boundaries. Next, you will be brought together with the mediator present to facilitate finding a solution that works best for everyone, including your children. The negotiation process may take multiple sessions, all of which the mediator will prepare you for and guide you through. Everyone will have a chance to make their voice heard throughout the process.

Unlike divorce, mediation is not a final, binding process. This means that if you or your spouse are unhappy with the proposed solutions, you do have the option to move forward with a divorce attorney.

Though mediation is a viable option for many couples, it doesn’t always work out. Both parties must be willing to show up and open to compromise. If you are coming out of an abusive relationship or are dealing with an ex-partner who refuses to return your calls, mediation may not be for you. If you are uncertain what is best and are looking for advice, feel free to reach out to us with your questions and concerns.

Why Choose Percy Law Group?

Since 1994, people throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island have relied on Percy Law Group, PC for client-focused and results-driven legal representation. Our team of attorneys is experienced, accessible, and professional. We take a collaborative approach to each case, so you can be confident in our methods and results.

Need more reasons to work with us? Here are a few more things we offer to all our clients:

  • We have more than 30 years of legal experience as a firm
  • We offer tailored legal solutions customized for your needs
  • We have six offices throughout Massachusetts for your convenience
  • We maintain an impressive track record of success
  • We are available whenever and wherever you want us to be
  • We offer legal services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Ready to work with a local legal team who has your back? Contact Percy Law Group today!

Why Choose Our Massachusetts Law Firm?

  • We Will Always Be in Your Corner Fighting Hard for You and Your Family
  • We Typically Get Results Fast: We Start Working on Your Case from Day 1
  • We Offer Free Consultations for Injury, Workers' Comp & Family Law Cases
  • We Are Available When and Where You Want
  • We Will Push and Push to Get the Best Possible Result for You
  • We Have Spanish and Portuguese Services Available


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