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The Importance of Estate Planning: You Never Know!

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Taunton Estate Planning with Percy Law Group, PC

Let’s talk about the idea of protection when it comes to your family. Estate planning protects your immediate family, or designated loved ones, from worrying about who receive your assets and property when you pass on, from entering probate, and from long-distance family members popping up out of nowhere to stake their claim. Not only does estate planning protect assets, it also protects your children, and can designate guardianship if needed.

 Creating an estate plan is not only for the far future, it is also for the “what ifs”. One thing we all know is that life is unpredictable, so why not have the peace of mind created by planning for the things you do not expect. Our team of Taunton estate planning attorneys at Percy Law Group, PC can help you set up a comprehensive plan for your children’s guardianship, property, funds, and any additional concerns. We know the importance of planning for the unforeseen, so let us create an estate plan for you, just in case.

Why Should I Create an Estate Plan?

If you are wondering why you should create an estate plan, this personal story may shed some light:

I recently assisted some good friends of mine in executing their estate plan prior to an overseas trip that they had planned. They had a lovely trip, and I like to think that they had achieved a certain peace of mind knowing that their affairs were in order. Unfortunately, several months after they returned, one of them died with no warning. As upset as I am over the loss of a fine person and a friend, as well as my deep sorrow for the spouse left behind, I am very grateful that they had a recent opportunity to re-visit their estate plan, which also required that all their assets be identified. Because of this, the remaining spouse has a clear understanding of what she owns and what her options are currently. She has enough on her plate dealing with her loss and should not have to struggle with these other details.

It's tragic that events like this happen all the time. Loved ones are left with no chance to mourn or celebrate the life of their deceased family member, because they are attacked by the greedy, the debt collectors, and the stress of figuring out what comes next. We cannot stress enough the importance of setting into place a precise list of your wishes for all your estate, it protects those who you love the most.

What Does an Estate Plan Cover?

Your estate plan can cover a broad, general division of assets and wishes, or it can be extremely detailed, designating exactly what you would like for different aspects of your estate.

Your estate plan can express your wishes about the following:

  • Guardianship of your children
  • Trust plans for your children and who will handle their financial inheritance
  • Override your Will
  • Appoint a conservator
  • Help your heirs avoid overpaying taxes
  • Avoid probate
  • Medical directives
  • Life insurance, 401k, retirement division

Don’t Risk Not Planning Because You Never Know

Creating an estate plan will protect your family from a mess after you pass or become incapacitated. It will provide a clear, organized map of exactly how things should be divided and carried out, so your family can mourn without the added stress of deciphering what to do with your estate. Give your family the peace of mind of knowing without a doubt what your wishes are—create an estate plan with our Taunton estate planning lawyers at Percy Law Group, PC.

Contact our team to get started at (508) 206-9900.

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