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Why You Should Avoid Using Social Media During Your Divorce


Social media is a tool many of us use to stay connected to friends and family, in addition to expanding our social network. However, if you are going through a divorce, this tool can be turned against you. Everything you post and share online is evidence that can ultimately be twisted and used to derail your case. As a general rule, the best thing you can do is avoid social media until your divorce case comes to an end.

If you do continue to use social media, consider the following tips:

  1. Never use the check-in feature: Most social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, make it easy for users to share their location with their followers. Never use this feature while going through a divorce. Otherwise, you are allowing your spouse to track your whereabouts, which will likely not do you any favors.
  1. Be thoughtful about what you post: A big part of sharing on social media is photos and videos. We love sharing our outings and events with friends and family. During a divorce, it is best not to share these at all. However, if you must, then at least be thoughtful about what you post. For example, if you are going out for a night to party with your friends, do not post pictures of it and ask your friends not to tag you in any posts. You do not want your spouse to argue that you party too much or have a drinking problem.
  1. Change your tag settings: Instagram and Facebook allow you to control tags, so change these features to prevent your friends from tagging you in anything without your permission. Doing so will ensure that nothing you disapprove of will show up on your timeline. However, if your spouse shares mutual friends with you, ask them to respect your privacy and refrain from posting anything about you.
  1. Hold off on using dating apps: You might feel single and ready to mingle, but using a dating app at this time can cause serious problems. If you absolutely cannot wait to date, at least try to be discreet and forego the use of dating app. The content on your dating profile can be used as evidence to harm your case.

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