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When a person dies, their assets enter a process known as probate. An executor of the estate (the name for all their collective assets and belongings) will carry out their will. If there’s no will, a family member will step forward to initiate probate and hire an appraiser to take an account of the estate. Once everything is accounted for, the probate process begins.

During this period, the estate will be open to any claims made against it. For instance, creditors who were owed money by the decedent may attempt to file a claim in court for the money they were owed. Probate also allows family members to dispute the validity of the will in court. As you can imagine, probate has the potential to lead to profoundly ugly conflicts.

Those conflicts are known as real estate litigation.

Real estate litigation are formal hearings or trials to resolve disputes between the estate and its potential beneficiaries or creditors. When family members believe that the will is invalid or outdated, or when they have an issue with the execution of the estate, they can file a will contest to present their case. It’s also common for creditors to come forward and collect on their debts after your loved one’s death. Hiring an estate litigation attorney might mean the difference between your loved one’s legacy benefiting his or her surviving family, and benefiting a bank or credit card company.

Turn to an Estate Litigation Lawyer in Taunton, MA

Percy Law Group, PC has been serving the community since 1994, providing them with the aggressive and creative representation they need. As estate litigation lawyers, our job is to protect your interests against wrongful execution of the estate and creditors. Our greatest duty is giving you the breathing room to grieve and heal while we face your opponents.

While the decent thing to do is to allow you to have your grieving time and not file a claim against a deceased person’s belongings, banks are in the business of staying in business. As your attorney, we’re in the business of fighting day and night for what you need. Our team of seasoned Taunton probate attorneys are the team you need to protect your family's interests.

Learn about your legal options today. We can help you make the next decision with confidence and peace—call (508) 206-9900 or use our simple contact form.

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