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Staying Young during Your Golden Years


We recently met with a 95-year-old former estate planning client to redo her estate plan. Our legal team provided her with a discount because she was a former client—even though it had been 10 years since her first estate plan. She made a few changes to her beneficiaries, but her plan mostly remained intact.

Staying Young

We asked her how she managed at her age to live independently and she said three things keep her going: bingo, dancing and gambling! We realized after a brief discussion that these were all activities she participated in with her friends, and that’s what has kept her young.

The following are other effective ways you can stay young as you age:

  • Having a positive mental outlook on life
  • Staying active through regular exercise
  • Eating the right foods such as more fruits and vegetables
  • Becoming more social connected with others
  • Creating goals for the future
  • Trying something new

The Importance of Estate Planning

Creating a comprehensive estate plan is of utmost importance as you get older. Although it may be difficult to think about death, doing so can protect your loved ones and your assets. In addition, a solid estate plan can help your family avoid probate, reduce estate taxes, and eliminate contention and squabbling between loved ones to help them grieve in peace.

Whether you are interested in creating an estate plan or modifying a current one, Percy Law Group, PC can help you achieve your goals. We can review your plan and ensure you have all the necessary legal protections.

If you are interested in creating an estate plan in Massachusetts, contact Percy Law Group, PC today at (508) 206-9900 and schedule a free consultation.

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