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Divorcing an Uncooperative Spouse


Divorce tends to bring out the worst in people, even in couples who vow to remain amicable and polite throughout the process. You may find yourself struggling to negotiate with an entirely uncooperative future ex-spouse. Learning how to cope with this stressful behavior is vital to ensure your marriage dissolves with minimal delays. While a degree of contention is to be expected during this emotional time, full-blown resistance cannot be beaten without the advocacy of an aggressive and determined family lawyer.

Whether your ex is prone to irrational behavior or has become unreasonable overnight, it takes a monumental effort to remain calm and prevent the situation from escalating. To ensure this process is as seamless as possible, you must swallow your pride and take the high road so your divorce is resolved in a productive and efficient manner.

Consider these useful strategies when dealing with an uncooperative spouse:

  1. Maintain boundaries despite any moments of weakness, as you don’t want to establish a reputation for being the one who always gives in. Finding middle ground is the key to a successful divorce.
  2. Contain your emotions as much as possible, even when your ex is taunting you or instigating an argument. Taking the bait and responding with anger will only work against you in the long run.
  3. Keep detailed records of all communication. You and your ex need to maintain a level of civility, especially if there are children involved.

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At Percy Law Group, PC, we understand how draining and worrying a contentious divorce can be. Dealing with an aggressive or unrelenting ex who seems determined to ruin your life is enough to overwhelm anyone. This is why our divorce attorneys are confident in our ability to guide you through this situation with ease.

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