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The Types of Family Law Cases We Represent Clients In

One of our main practice areas here at Percy Law Group, PC is family law. However, family law is a broad term that encompasses many subcategories, so you may be wondering what exactly it is that our attorneys can do for you and your loved ones. Our Massachusetts family law lawyers explain the types of family law cases our firm represents clients in.

Our Family Law Practice Areas

If you are going through a divorce, probate, or another family law matter, you might be wondering if you require or would benefit from legal help. Having a legal representative at your side can help contentious or complicated issues be resolved amicably and efficiently. Percy Law Group, PC is available to assist with just about every legal family matter under the sun.

Our law firm represents clients throughout Massachusetts in the following areas of family law:

  • Alimony/spousal support: Our legal team understands our state’s laws related to alimony, including the recent changes made to distribution and term limits. If you work with us, we will do our best to guide you to a positive resolution.
  • Child custody: Our child custody lawyers will work hard to protect your and your child's interests if you are going through a divorce or looking to update an existing child custody and visitation plan.
  • Child support: Our lawyers will protect your interests whether you need to pay or receive child support.
  • Complaints for contempt: Is your ex-partner refusing to comply with the terms of your divorce order? Let us assist you in remedying this conflict.
  • Complaints for modification: Need to make changes to your divorce order? We understand that life may throw things at you post-divorce that you weren’t expecting. We can assist you in reflecting such changes through a complaint for modification.
  • Divorce: We are experienced in all aspects of divorce, including alimony, child custody, child support, and property division. Our legal team is both compassionate and aggressive enough to handle whatever your divorce throws your way.
  • Estate planning: We can help individuals and families create an estate plan that will protect their rights and prevent uncertainty upon death or disability.
  • Guardianship and conservatorship: Whether you are seeking custody of a minor child or an adult, our attorneys can walk you through all of the required legal procedures.
  • Mediation: If you are looking to resolve a family matter like divorce as quickly and amicably as possible, our certified mediator will guide you and all parties involved to an agreeable resolution to your disputes.
  • Paternity: Our experienced paternity attorneys can help you pursue child support, child custody, or visitation rights.
  • Prenuptial agreements: We can help you and your partner come up with and secure a fair and enforceable premarital agreement.
  • Probate: Probate is a major responsibility that can quickly become very complex. Our experienced legal team can walk you through your various obligations.
  • Restraining orders: If you need a restraining order or have been served one yourself, we will fight to protect your rights.
  • Same-sex couples: We are happy to serve same-sex partners with all their family law matters, including divorce. Our firm will protect your rights throughout the legal process.
  • Spousal abuse: Our firm is here for survivors of domestic violence. We have a proven track record of success in stopping abuse and holding the user accountable. If you are living in an abusive household, please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Get in Touch with Percy Law Group, PC

The Taunton family law attorneys at Percy Law Group, PC, are prepared to fight for you and your loved ones in all areas of family law. We also have a Divorce Mediation Center for those looking for an alternative to traditional divorce in Massachusetts.

If you have questions or would like to get started on a claim, contact us now. Consultations are available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.