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First Time Homebuyers Sometimes Need Extra TLC


At Percy Law Group, PC, we understand that buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. That is why we are here to make sure that your transaction is as smooth as possible. Our real estate attorneys have assisted buyers, sellers, and banks throughout Massachusetts for nearly three decades, and we know how confusing the process can be for first time buyers.

Last month, we closed a real estate transaction for a young, engaged couple who were purchasing their first home. Being first time homebuyers, they initially came to us feeling overwhelmed. They were filled with questions and concerns regarding the process of buying. They asked about everything from the newly built septic system, to what a title is and what title insurance is all about, to what to expect at their walk-through and closing.

Beginning with a review of their Purchase and Sale Agreement, our legal professionals built a solid relationship with them by being readily available to answer all their questions on the phone and online. Our legal team understood that because they were first time buyers, they would need extra attention to make them feel as comfortable as possible with the process, which is why we offered to sit with them in our office and talk about purchasing their home over coffee.

As a result of the relationship we built, they were very excited and eager, rather than nervous and overwhelmed at the closing table. They have kept in touch since closing day, and are very happy with the purchase of their new home!

Residential Real Estate Attorneys Serving Clients in Massachusetts

When you choose Percy Law Group, PC to assist with your home purchase, you get a team of skilled lawyers who will work with you to address all of your questions and concerns about the home buying process. Our attorneys are familiar with the legal issues that can potentially impact your transaction, and we will use our full resources to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

Do you have questions about purchasing a new home? Call (508) 206-9900 to set up your free initial consultation today with one of our residential real estate lawyers.

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