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Resolving a Divorce Settlement as Fairly as Possible

Person signing a divorce settlement

Even when divorcing spouses have the best intentions and wish to settle things fairly and amicably, accomplishing this is often easier said than done. With the assistance of a mediator, however, spouses are often able to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Moreover, this method costs less and takes less time than divorce litigation. If you and your spouse are committed to obtaining a fair divorce settlement, you should consider mediation. At Percy Law Group, PC, Attorney Russell R. Weddell is a trained family law mediator and can help facilitate smooth negotiations between spouses seeking to dissolve their marriage as peacefully and fairly as possible.

What Does a Fair Settlement Look Like?

Every divorce settlement is comprised of a few key elements. During divorce mediation, you and your spouse will have to hash out each one of them until you reach an agreement. If you are unable to agree on one or more of these issues, you will have to go through divorce litigation, so it is in both of your best interests to cooperate and compromise.

Some of the major issues that are determined during the divorce process include:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Division of assets and property
  • Spousal support

When working out an agreement on each of these points with your spouse, it is important to be flexible. Neither of you will get everything you want, but you can negotiate your way to a settlement that addresses most of your respective goals.

Using Mediation to End Your Marriage with a Fair Settlement

If you go through the process of divorce litigation, a judge will make the decisions for you and both you and your spouse might potentially be unhappy with the results. On the other hand, divorce mediation allows you to customize the settlement that is fair to both of you. Your settlement will essentially be a product of your agreements and decisions. Instead of working with divorce attorneys, you will have a neutral third-party help you stay on task. If you and your spouse lose focus and end up arguing, you can rely on your mediator to get you back on track and guide both of you toward a resolution.

It is, ultimately, the best way for you to obtain the fairest divorce settlement possible. Additionally, if you have children, divorce mediation is a great way to begin working on your relationship as co-parents. Learning how to negotiate and compromise with each other will no doubt be helpful as you continue to raise your kids together.

Begin the Divorce Mediation Process Today!

Instead of putting yourself through the costly and time-consuming process of divorce litigation, consider ending your marriage through mediation instead. At Percy Law Group, PC, our mediation team will help you and your spouse peacefully reach a fair settlement. Unlike litigation, which is inherently adversarial, mediation encourages cooperation. Spare yourself the heartache of a courtroom drama and reach out to our team to begin the mediation process.

To learn more about mediation, or to schedule the mediation of your divorce settlement, call (508) 206-9900 and ask for Attorney Weddell of Percy Law Group, PC. We have offices in Taunton, Boston, Quincy, and more, allowing us to help you mediate your divorce wherever you live in Massachusetts. See the difference our experience can make for your divorce by contacting us today.

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