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Tips for Safe Driving


Whether you are a new driver or an experienced one, it never hurts to sharpen up your skills to ensure you are not becoming complacent and letting safety fall to the wayside. We live in a society that is constantly confronted by a multitude of distractions, so it is crucial to be aware of the basics of safe driving and put them into practice anytime you are behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Here are some essential safe driving tips you should bear in mind:

  1. Keep your focus on driving: This means no multitasking. Drivers must keep their full attention on the road or risk getting involved in an accident. With the ubiquitous presence of cell phones, it might seem like a tall order to direct 100% of your attention on the road, but doing so could spare your life and the lives of others. Distracted driving accidents are among the leading causes of injuries and deaths on the road, so remember that your texts and phone calls can wait. If not, pull to the side of the road or in a safe area where you can use your phone before getting back on the road. You should also refrain from using other electronic devices, such as GPS navigation systems.
  2. Defensive driving: Defensive driving can protect both you and others around you who might not be fully aware of their surroundings. Maintain awareness of your surroundings and always assume other motorists will do something unexpected and be prepared to avoid it. Keep a 2 second (or 4, if weather conditions are poor) cushion between you and the vehicle in front of you to allow yourself time to react to any unpredictable incidents.
  3. Plan ahead: A big part of driving safely is planning ahead. If you are going on a trip, make time in your schedule to stop for food, take rest breaks, phone calls, or other necessities, so that you do not attempt to multitask while driving. Eating and drinking are just as distracting as using a cell phone, so take a few minutes to do this before resuming your trip. You should also adjust your seat, mirrors, and climate controls before putting the car in gear. The point is to ensure you will not have to fiddle with anything while you are driving.
  4. Practice safety: Before you start your trip, secure any cargo in your vehicle to prevent them from moving around while you are driving. If objects are moving around your vehicle, this could be incredibly distracting and hazardous. Never attempt to retrieve anything that falls to the floor.

It should also go without saying that you should always drive sober. Impaired driving is also among the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents, causing thousands of deaths and injuries per year. If you plan on drinking, have a designated sober driver, or use a ride-sharing service to get home safely.

Other important rules to follow:

  • Never pass a stopped bus that is displaying a stop sign to its left. This indicates that children are crossing the street.
  • If you hear a siren coming from behind you, safely pull to the side if you can, stop and wait until the police or fire truck pass you by.
  • Always make a complete stop at all stop signs and look for other drivers and pedestrians before you continue.
  • Always obey posted speed limits. Not only are tickets costly, but the penalties for speeding can also include court appearances, loss or suspension of your license, and raised insurance rates.

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