The investigation process for serious construction accidents

When a workplace accident occurs on a construction site, the process of investigating that incident begins almost immediately. Massachusetts workers are trained to provide first aid and call for emergency medical care first and foremost. Immediately after that process begins, steps are taken to secure the accident site, safeguard against additional injuries and preserve conditions for the investigative process. The appropriate agencies quickly respond to serious construction accidents, and information is compiled as soon as authorities arrive on the scene.

Such is the case for a recent accident in Taunton, Massachusetts that left a construction worker dead. The worker was part of a crew hired to construct a warehouse within the Myles Standish Industrial Complex. While working approximately 40 feet above ground level, the worker fell from that position. He suffered catastrophic injuries, and was unable to survive the bodily harm that was sustained.

Authorities from the Massachusetts State Police, Taunton Police Department and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration responded to the scene, and an investigation is ongoing. As part of that effort, officials will interview any witnesses to the incident, review the physical evidence left at the site and make a thorough examination of the equipment involved. Part of the investigation may also encompass a review of the safety measures and training that the employer provides to workers.

As the process moves forward, the investigation may result in a determination of fault in the matter. In such cases, the families of Massachusetts workers killed in construction accidents have the right to seek legal recourse. Workers' compensation is one means of assisting families navigate through this most difficult time, and can make a world of difference to a family struggling to come to terms with their loss.

Source:, "1 man killed in Taunton industrial accident", Sept. 4, 2015