Massachusetts pedestrian in critical condition after car accident

In our society, people are expected to behave in a certain way. While some laws govern how people are supposed to act when they are involved in a car accident, for example, it should simply be human nature to stop and render aid for an injured person. Unfortunately, people are involved in hit-and-run accidents far too frequently, often leaving behind injured victims wondering when, and if, help will arrive. Police in Massachusetts are currently investigating a suspected hit-and-run accident that sent one young man to the hospital.

The accident happened at approximately 9 p.m. one night in mid-March. According to reports, a male teenager was found by police officers lying at a street corner. They believe that he was struck by a vehicle.

While police are still working to identify a driver, they believe they have located the car. It has since been impounded. As the investigation continues, the hospitalized victim is left struggling to recover from critical injuries.

A hit-and-run accident is always shocking. It is hard to imagine how someone could leave an injured person, especially a teenager, lying in the road waiting for help. Unfortunately, the young man and his family will likely face stacks of medical bills as a result of his injuries. Once a suspect is located, he and his family will have the option of seeking to hold the driver responsible for the expenses he or she created by filing a civil suit in a Massachusetts courtroom. Many cases such as this where negligence can be proved have resulted in a monetary award to help cope with the damages created by a car accident.

Source:, "Agawam Police Impound Car Suspected in Pedestrian Hit-and-Run", Jessica Michalski, March 16, 2015