Dangerous workplace a given for police officers

There are certain lines of work in which the risk of injury is higher than the norm. Manufacturing, construction, and industrial positions all come with a higher-than-average risk of suffering a workplace injury. Most Massachusetts readers will agree that, for the state's police officers, the community in which they serve can be considered a dangerous workplace. This is evidenced by the story of one officer who recently returned home after being hospitalized for injuries sustained when he was shot in the line of duty.

The community of Bourne, Massachusetts, is ready to welcome the officer back home. His trip from the hospital will be in the company of a police escort. Residents are expected to line the road along that route to show their support and gratitude for his service.

The officer was shot as he was responding to the report of a home invasion. A member of the United States Coast Guard had shot and killed a colleague and also injured his own wife. The incident highlights the risk that officers face each and every day as they work to protect the citizens within their community. In this case, the officer was seriously injured, but he told reporters that he wants to return to the police force as soon as he has recovered from those injuries.

When an individual is injured on the job, serious financial hardship often follows. Not only is there a loss of family income to adjust to, but it is often the case that the rest of the family has to take time off from work to assist in the recovery process and provide needed care. Workers' compensation is one of the most powerful means of offsetting financial losses, and one upon which many Massachusetts families rely. When a loved one is injured due to a dangerous workplace, it is important to understand the available legal resources.

Source: necn.com, "Officer Shot in Line of Duty Returning Home", March 4, 2015