After a car crash, families could need psychological support

When a Massachusetts resident sustains a traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident, the road to recovery can be a long one. Modern medicine has made it far more likely for people with brain injuries to survive, but there are still a great many hurdles that the patient and their family must cross before life becomes stable once again. Recent research is focused on creating psychological approaches to rebuilding the interpersonal dynamics that are often damaged after a car crash or other injury causes brain damage.

In the immediate aftermath of a traumatic brain injury, the focus is on the emergency medical treatment and prognosis for recovery. From that point forward, patients and their families turn their attention to the rehabilitative measures that offer the best chance of success. Over time, adjusting the changes within the family structure can take a toll on those who were not injured, and the relationship between husbands and wives can suffer.

A team of experts in neuropsychology and rehabilitation psychology is working on how to give families the tools they need to bolster and sustain their interpersonal relationships as they go through the difficult process of adapting to the changes brought on by a traumatic brain injury. Programs are being designed to educate spouses and close family members on the changes that might take place and the various types of brain injuries. Next, skill-building work is done to give individuals the tools they need to communicate, solve problems and manage their emotional response to the injury. The final step of the approach is to provide traditional psychological therapy, which gives patients and family members a chance to express their thoughts and work through any difficulties.

This type of psychological intervention can greatly improve the quality of life for those in Massachusetts who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, this level of psychological assistance does not come cheap, and many insurance programs do not cover these kinds of programs. For those who have been injured in a car crash, it is important to pursue financial compensation for the damages sustained in the incident, so that these and other necessary services are within financial reach.

Source:, "Emotional adjustment following traumatic brain injury", Sathya Achia Abraham, Oct. 24, 2014