Victims' families pursue justice after deadly car accident

In Massachusetts, a man is under evaluation to determine if he is mentally competent to stand trial for a deadly car accident. His attorney claims that he suffers from many mental issues, but the families of those injured or killed in this particular car accident are fighting hard to ensure that this man is brought to justice. The car accident left one man dead and twin sisters seriously injured.

According to the report, the car accident occurred when the accused man's vehicle struck the male victim. Apparently, the car had lost a tire and struck the man, who was outside waiting on a bus at the time. The accused individual then reportedly hit a larger SUV in which the twin girls were riding with their family. The impacted families share a concern that the man will never face an actual criminal trial for his irresponsible actions behind the wheel because of his alleged mental issues.

The families have also questioned why the mentally ill man was allowed behind the wheel of a vehicle, with some wondering why his family (allegedly) did not try to prevent the man from driving. It is also noted that the man was entirely uncooperative with Massachusetts law enforcement at the scene of the accident and had been involved in two previous car chases with law enforcement. Despite the man's troubled mental history, the families hope that a criminal trial will be held.

Those impacted by the car accident have the right to seek financial compensation for this incident. While a civil case would be completely separate from a criminal trial, a conviction could have a bearing on a successful pursuit of recompense. To determine how and against whom a personal injury lawsuit should be filed, an evaluation would be a necessary preliminary step.

Source:, "Families still want justice after deadly Chatham crash", Doug Fraser, July 20, 2014