UPS driver injured on the job days before Christmas

There are plenty of jobs in Massachusetts the present a range of dangers to employees. During the Christmas season, however, deliver drivers face a much higher risk than other times of the year, simply because they are tasked with delivering more packages and are driving in increased volumes of traffic. These conditions led to a recent accident in which a UPS driver was struck and injured on the job.

The male employee was working as a seasonal helper, and was not the driver of the UPS truck. During the holiday season, the company employs runners who ride with the delivery drivers and take the packages up to the houses awaiting delivery. In this case, the driver had stopped his truck on Beaver Street in the southbound direction of travel. As the delivery helper crossed in front of the UPS truck, he was struck by a pickup truck that was also heading southbound on the same road.

Few details are available concerning the condition of the man struck on the job, but reports indicate that his injuries were not life threatening. The roadway where the accident took place was closed for two hours while investigators assessed the scene. No charges have been filed in the matter, but the investigation is not yet complete.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, the risk of injury to delivery drivers and their runners is increased. In this case, the man injured is likely relieved to have been spared much more serious outcomes, as is his family. However, when an individual in Massachusetts is injured on the job, even if those injuries are not life-threatening, he or she is entitled to coverage under worker's compensation law.

Source:, "UPS employee struck by pickup in North Adams", Adam Shanks, Dec. 17, 2014