Auto crash leads to 9 injuries in Massachusetts

Several people were recently injured on a Massachusetts road following an alleged police pursuit. This type of auto crash can be both physically and emotionally traumatic. The accident occurred on a recent Sunday afternoon. Four vehicles were involved in the collision, according to police.

The accident started when a man allegedly stole a handbag from an entertainment and picnic area. The suspect then led authorities on a pursuit that reached more than 100 mph. The incident took place in the area of Route 117, police said.

Authorities eventually stopped the chase because of the high speed involved. The car they were chasing later crashed, officials said. One SUV and three cars were totaled. Nine individuals suffered injuries as a result of the crash and were taken to a medical center; one had serious injuries deemed to be possibly life-threatening.

The man who reportedly caused the crash by starting the police chase may face criminal charges in addition to potentially facing personal injury suits. The injured car accident victims may wish to file claims against the man, seeking monetary damages that can help them to cover their hospital costs and even any loss of wages stemming from the auto crash. If the man is criminal charged and later convicted, evidence of his conviction may help the injured parties to support their liability claims in a related civil court proceeding. If the court in Massachusetts finds that the man is financially responsible for their injuries, a judge will adjudicate their claims for financial damages.

Source:, "State police: High-speed chase led to crash in Leominster", Nick Mallard, Aug. 11, 2014