7-year-old boy dies in fatal Massachusetts dump truck accident

Accidents involving very large trucks can be catastrophic enough when they occur with another vehicle. When a truck accident involves a pedestrian or a bicyclist, however, the results can be deadly. This sadly proved to be the case when a dump truck recently struck and killed a 7-year-old boy in Westfield, Massachusetts. The boy had reportedly been riding a bicycle along with his mother.

Details on exactly how and why the accident may have occurred were not immediately forthcoming. The fatal collision occurred on a Monday in late May. Reports indicate that the dump truck was in the process of hauling dirt when the accident took place. During the incident, the boy became wedged beneath the truck. He was unfortunately unable to survive the injuries that he sustained after being struck.

Several Massachusetts agencies were reported to be investigating this truck accident. They include the traffic division of the local police department along with the Hampden District Attorney's Office and the Massachusetts State Police. There is not yet any word on whether the driver of the dump truck will face any traffic citations or criminal charges in this incident.

A fatal truck accident like this can leave family and friends devastated, especially in the case of a child's death. While financial penalties can in no way make up for the loss of a child, wrongful death lawsuits do sometimes become appropriate as an added measure of justice in the event that another person's negligence caused a fatal accident. In the case that economic awards are granted, they can also help alleviate some of the financial pressures that can be caused by unexpected medical bills and funeral expenses.

Source: The Republican, "Westfield accident involving dump truck claims life of 7-year-old boy," Suzanne McLaughlin, May 20, 2013