Tractor trailer crashes behind school bus, injures several near Taunton

The immense size and power of tractor trailer trucks make smaller, private vehicles vulnerable in the event of an accident. Recently, a truck accident involving a tractor trailer near Taunton, Massachusetts resulted in the deployment of six ambulances. Police at the scene of the accident confirmed that there were several injuries, at least two of which appeared to be severe.

One of the most frightening details pertaining to the incident is the fact that the crash occurred while drivers were stopped behind a school bus waiting for students to board. News reports indicate that the tractor trailer careened into the back end of a private vehicle on Route 28. Emergency medical personnel were immediately dispatched to the scene to render aid. Accident victims received medical transport from the scene.

Several vehicles involved in the car accident suffered extensive damage. Thankfully however, there was no damage to the school bus and no students were injured. Members of the State Police conducted an investigation into the accident, halting traffic in both directions outside Taunton. As of now, there's no indication of the catalyst behind the collision. However, there has been some speculation that weather may have played a role.

No additional information is available pertaining to the condition of the accident victims. There was also no information available concerning the truck driver or the possibility of criminal charges, however, because it appears the truck driver caused the accident, they could be held liable. It is likely that those victimized in the crash will pursue answers and possibly recompense for damages, including pain and suffering associated with the truck crash.

Source: Plymouth Daily News, "Several Injured in Tractor Trailer vs Car Accident at School Bus Stop; Another on Federal Furnance Road," April 23, 2012