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Common Mistakes That Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim


Being involved in any type of accident can be an overwhelming ordeal, riddled with medical expenses and complex legal proceedings. If you’re in the midst of taking legal action to secure compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained, it’s imperative that you know what costly mistakes to avoid, as to not hurt your chances of pursuing justice. In this blog, we explain the most common mistakes that can negatively impact your personal injury claim.

Forgetting to File a Police Report

The first step in any accident is to call 911 to report the incident. The 911 operator will ask if anyone is injured – if no one is seriously hurt or in need of an ambulance, simply tell the operator that while an ambulance isn’t necessary, you do want a police officer to respond to the scene. When the officer arrives, be sure to insist that he or she fill out a Traffic Collision Report – these types of reports will include vital details and statements from witnesses that can be extremely useful in building your case.

Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

In the moments following an accident, there’s a good chance high amounts of adrenaline is pumping through your body, which often masks any symptoms of injuries you may have sustained. Any gap in time in which you did not seek immediate medical attention can be used against you, as a way to prove that your injuries are not as serious as you may have led on.

Keeping Information From the Doctor

Even if you’re experiencing a symptom you feel may not be important, let your doctor determine that. Each and every symptom should be reported to your doctor – from aches and soreness to any limitations you have when walking or moving.

Not Getting Legal Guidance Early in the Process

Many people put off consulting with an attorney because they fear that they’ll be slammed with upfront legal costs. At Percy Law Group, PC, we offer free consultations for those who have been injured in accidents. Trying to handle the legal aspects of your claim on your own can do irreparable harm to your case. Bringing in a legal professional sooner rather than later can help circumvent any foreseeable obstacles.

Giving a Recorded Statement to Insurance Companies

While you do have to report the accident to your insurance company, under no circumstances should you be agreeing to give them a recorded statement without talking to your lawyer first. We entrust insurance companies and providers to have our best interest in mind, but oftentimes companies will prioritize profit and encourage you to accept a settlement that is far less than what you deserve.

Not Disclosing a Previous Accident or Injury

If you were recovering from a previous injury that was worsened in this most recent accident, do not hide this from your doctor, your attorney, or your insurance company. An old injury will not exclude you from receiving compensation, but failing to disclose this information will. Additionally, if you attempt to hide this information, the prosecution may argue that you are using this accident to recover for unrelated injuries.

At Percy Law Group, PC our Bristol County personal injury attorneys pride themselves in taking an aggressive and hardworking approach to handling personal injury claims. We’re backed by more than 20 years of legal experience, provide tailored solutions, and offer Spanish and Portuguese legal services.

Let us handle the legal aspects of your case so you can focus on healing. To speak with a dedicated member of our legal team, schedule your free consultation by calling (508) 718-2545 today!

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