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2017 Short Sales: Winning Over the Bank's Negotiator


Bank Short Sale negotiators are, in the end, people just like you and I. They go to work, try to do their best in an often exceedingly difficult environment, and then go home to their families. The Short Sale team here at Percy Law Group, PC understands this, and we use it to our clients’ advantage. Our people skills are so very extraordinary that, even though we “hound” Bank Short Sale negotiators every day, we do it in such a way that we get better and faster results than others

Short Sale Negotiation Problems

Our Short Sale team submits the complete application package immediately. After that, we communicate on every short sale no less than twice each week. Those communications can be by email, but typically we are on the phone with Bank Short Sale negotiators, making sure they have everything they need to approve the application, answering their questions in such a way as to make them completely comfortable with giving the approval quickly, and, when needed, urging/prodding them to get the approval in place so the closing can take place and the property owners can get on with their lives.

Many times, our phone calls do not get returned, as Bank Short Sale negotiators often won’t answer the phone, or they will call the seller directly, or they will contact the real estate agents instead of us, or they will simply not want to deal with our client’s application because they are ‘too busy’ or they have ‘lost the file’ or the file has been transferred to someone else. In these situations, our Short Sale Team’s people skills are on full display. Here are the many things we can and will do to get the best and fastest possible result for our short sale clients:

  1. Focus attention on the particular and often urgent needs of our clients.
  2. Remind that you can’t get blood from a stone and that a foreclosure means everyone, especially the lender, looses.
  3. Escalate to supervisors and managers, sometimes two or more times.
  4. Use our well earned back channel contacts to get the desired results.
  5. With the help our real estate agent partners, attack low bank appraisal numbers in a variety of ways including the use of BPO’s.
  6. Be relentless in our pursuit of the short sale approval, of course, within the bounds of professionalism and ethical integrity.

The Bottom Line

The Short Sale Team at Percy Law Group, PC is simply the best at getting short sale approvals in the least amount of time. Short Sales benefit all the parties involved, including the lender. They benefit the neighborhood and local economy: a property continues to be maintained and presented well during a short sale, lenders avoid the lengthy and costly foreclosure process, buyers may be able to purchase properties at reduced prices, and property owners move on with their financial lives with no property debt and keep foreclosures off their credit reports.

Contact our Short Sale Team in 2017 to best understand short sales in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Rest assured our experienced and highly successful short sale professionals will stay focused on you, your case, your results.

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