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Why You Should Stay Off Social Media During a Personal Injury Case


Social media is a major part of our lives nowadays, encouraging individuals all across the globe to overshare every aspect of their lives, from mundane activities to eventful milestones. While this is oftentimes never a problem for most, it can become quite detrimental if you are involved in a personal injury case. In fact, it can alter the outcome of your case, harming your chances of obtaining the fair compensation you deserve and need to aid you throughout your recovery. You might enjoy this favored pastime, but it is best to unplug from social media while pursuing a lawsuit for injuries and damages sustained.

Here are some important reasons why you should stay off social media throughout your personal injury case:

  • Social media posts can potentially serve as evidence: Anything you share online, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other public forum, is a public record. Therefore, insurance companies and defense attorneys can use your posts against you.
  • Social media posts can contradict your claim: Social media can handicap your chances of obtaining compensation for pain and suffering, in addition to other non-economic damages. If you post a picture of yourself smiling or enjoying yourself at a gathering or a party, the insurance companies might argue that you are being dishonest. Even if the photo was taken prior to the accident, it might be used out of context.
  • Social media might haunt you in court: Posting negative things about those involved in your personal injury case, or making statements about your injuries that are not entirely consistent with medical records can be used against you. Insurance companies have one goal – to avoid paying you any compensation or to at least significantly reduce the amount you are awarded. They will do absolutely everything possible to ensure they achieve this goal, which means they will sift through your social media accounts for anything that can be used to attack your character and disprove your claim. Make sure your friends and family also understand that they must not make any posts about you or your case until it reaches a resolution.

Remember, even if you think your profile is private, nothing is ever truly private on the internet. If you choose to remain active on social media, do so with caution and, if you are unsure about something, consult with your personal injury attorney for advice. Nothing is worth risking your chances of securing compensation.

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