When construction accidents lead to tragedy

Few occupations are more dangerous than construction work, and those who make a living in this industry are every cognizant of the risks that are inherent in their chosen profession. That said, it still comes as a shock when a worker loses his or her life while on the job. One Massachusetts family is currently in the earliest stages of grief after losing their loved one in one of the year's most distressing construction accidents.

The 51-year-old construction worker was working on Interstate 91 in Holyoke in the early morning hours when the accident took place. Investigators are continuing to try and piece together the series of events that led to the incident, but early reports indicate that a dump truck approached the area where the worker was standing. The truck was identified as a Kenworth dump truck and was driven by a 54-year-old man.

The dump truck collided with the construction worker, leading to fatal injuries. When emergency responders arrived at the scene to render medical assistance, the man was already deceased. He leaves behind a wife and two adult children.

As this Massachusetts family enters the process of grieving for their lost husband and father, their attention will likely be focused on making his final arrangements and coming to terms with their loss. They will also incur a number of expenses during this period of time, and will also have to deal with the loss of income that the accident brought on. As with most fatal construction accidents, the family is entitled to workers' compensation death benefits, which can help offset some of these financial difficulties.

Source: masslive.com, "Ware man, father of 2, identified as victim of I-91 construction accident in Holyoke", Jim Russell, June 11, 2015