Motorcyclist suffers leg injuries in Massachusetts car accident

Two 53-year-old men were recently involved in a Massachusetts auto collision that caused one of the men to be seriously injured and transported by air for medical treatment. The car accident involved a car smashing into a motorcycle and led to one of the men being accused of drunk driving. That driver, the operator of the car, reportedly smashed into the motorcycle when trying to turn left into the path of the smaller vehicle.

The motorcyclist suffered significant injuries to his leg, which required a Life Flight ride to UMass Memorial Medical Center for him to receive the treatment he needed. There did not seem to be any injuries of note dealt to the driver of the car. Massachusetts authorities did charge him with OUI, not yielding to oncoming traffic and for negligent driving in addition to possessing an open container.

These charges could land the man in further hot water if prosecutors are successful in trying the civil case in court. Massachusetts officials view alcohol-related accidents in a serious light. Drivers owe a duty of reasonable care to others on the roads in our state, and operating a vehicle while intoxicated carries a heightened measure of risk. This is one reason why both criminal and civil penalties may be enacted in such cases.

For civil penalties to kick in after such a car accident, victims or their surviving family members must file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in a Massachusetts court. By presenting sufficient evidence to demonstrate that another's negligence caused or contributed to the collision, they may be able to recuperate some or all of the financial losses they have incurred. This can also help send home another message that driving while intoxicated can lead to severe consequences for those who drink and drive.

Source:, "One Man Seriously Injured; One Man Arrested in Brimfield Accident," July 4, 2013