Equipment fall leads to fatal workplace injury

There are hazards present at each and every workplace, no matter how carefully employees and management try to mitigate those risks. Some industries are, however, much more dangerous than others. Workers who are employed within a field that has a high volume of serious workplace accidents are vigilant about workplace safety. Unfortunately, not every accident can be avoided, and a recent Massachusetts workplace injury highlights the risk that construction workers face every day while on the job.

The accident took place as crews were working near St. Mary's School and Morton Hospital in Taunton, Massachusetts. A large construction lift was situated near a tall brick smokestack located behind the school. That piece of heavy equipment was sitting on a slope and tipped over during the course of work at the site.

A worker fell from the lift as the piece of equipment overturned. He was unable to survive injuries suffered during the fall and lost his life. It is unclear if he died at the accident site or was treated by emergency medical workers prior to his death. Investigators from the Taunton Police, the Massachusetts State Police and OSHA responded to the scene to begin assessing conditions that led to the fatal accident.

For the family of the man who suffered this fatal workplace injury, these will be dark days indeed. As the investigation into the accident moves forward, their thoughts will be on saying goodbye to their loved one and restructuring their lives around that loss. Eventually, the financial repercussions of the incident will come into play. At that time, the family may decide to contact a Massachusetts attorney experienced in handling workers' compensation matters to discuss their rights in relation to this terrible workplace accident.

Source:, "Worker killed after construction lift tips over in Taunton", Marc Larocque, Aug. 17, 2015