Fatal car crash may have been an act of road rage

When a loved one is killed in an automotive accident, the family of the deceased is thrown into a tumultuous blend of shock, grief and the need to handle the practical concerns that suddenly arise. This is a difficult time for any Massachusetts family, but some situations will have an even greater negative impact on those left behind. When a fatal car crash is the direct result of another person's choices, it can be hard to accept the loss that follows.

An example lies in a recent crash that took the life of one man and seriously injured another. According to police, the crash was the end result of an incident of road rage. An arrest has been made, which likely offers little comfort to one family who has lost a loved one and another in which a loved one has been seriously injured.

Police believe that a 67-year-old man was driving drunk when he encountered the other two men on Route 495. Both of the vehicles involved were pickup trucks. Police have issued a statement indicating that the driver who survived made "intentional contact" with the other vehicle, then was involved in a second collision with the same truck on the off-ramp. The force of the second collision caused one truck to roll, and the driver of that pickup was killed. The other driver then fled the scene of the accident and was later arrested at his home.

Driving involves an inherent level of risk, which is a reality that all drivers accept when they get behind the wheel. That said, the decision to drink and drive exponentially increases the risk of harm to others who share the road. When a Massachusetts driver is impaired and causes an accident, he or she will often face criminal charges. Civil suits for wrongful death or personal injury can also follow. It is too early to know if civil litigation will result from this road rage car crash, but the option remains open for the individual injured in the incident as well as the family who lost a loved one.

Source: boston.com, "Road rage led to fatal crash in Mansfield, police say", Nina Godlewski, Nov. 9, 2015