Driver in recent car crash case has bail revoked

A horrific car accident in Avon, Massachusetts has led to the death of two people and the incarceration of another. Police are still trying to piece together the series of events that led up to the fatal car crash, but believe that actions taken by the driver played a causal role in the accident. As the driver awaits a hearing in the matter, several families are trying to come to terms with the sudden loss of their loved ones.

Police assert that the accident took place in the early morning hours of a recent Monday. A 27-year-old man was driving a Nissan sedan with four passengers inside when a Brockton police officer attempted to stop the vehicle for traffic violations. At that point, the driver made the decision to flee, and drive into Avon. He eventually crashed the sedan into a utility pole.

The force of that impact was sufficient to end the lives of two of the vehicle's passengers, both just 21 years of age. In addition, the driver and the two other passengers were seriously injured. The driver has a long history of legal problems, and was driving on a suspended license when the officer attempted to pull him over. It is unknown why he choose to flee the scene, but a review of his criminal record shows that he made the same choice on two other occasions.

As the families of those killed in this car crash move into the early stages of the grieving process, it may be difficult for them to comprehend why someone would choose to behave so recklessly. The decisions made by this driver led to grave repercussions for all four of the passengers within the car. He now faces criminal charges including vehicular homicide while impaired. Once the criminal case has been heard in the Massachusetts court system, civil cases for wrongful death and personal injury could follow.

Source:, "Bail revoked for Brockton man charged in fatal crash in Avon", Benjamin Paulion, May 6, 2015