Bridge demolition accident results in injured worker

Among various Massachusetts occupations, construction work is among the most dangerous career paths that an individual can choose. There are multiple hazards present on any construction site, and the work environment is constantly changing. Workers who make a living on these job sites must remain constantly vigilant in order to avoid a serious or even fatal injury. An example is found in a recent incident in which an injured worker was part of a large-scale demolition project.

The construction accident took place as crews were working to demolish a bridge in Revere, Massachusetts. Upon initial investigation, authorities believe that one of the bridge's floor beams shifted unexpectedly, causing an excavator to tip over to a 45 degree angle. The man who was operating the excavator was injured during the incident.

The construction worker is an employee of Barletta Construction. He was transported to an area hospital for emergency medical treatment. As of the time of this report, the severity of his injuries was listed as minor. That said, there are many cases in which long-term negative impacts follow a workplace injury that appears to be minor when sustained.

As the Massachusetts crew works to stabilize the excavator and ensure that the site is safe, investigators will likely continue to review details of the accident to determine the cause. When a construction worker or any worker is harmed while on the job, workers' compensation is an important tool to recover financial stability. In this case, it is not yet known if the injured worker will be able to immediately return to work, but if his injuries prove to be more serious than initially reported, he and his family may have to rely on workers' comp to get through the weeks and months ahead.

Source:, "Construction Accident Reported During Bridge Demolition", May 30, 2015