Fatal auto crash leads police to ask for community???s help

When a serious automobile accident takes place, the police officers who respond to the scene begin the investigative process immediately. In some cases, this process involves interviewing any witnesses to the incident, as well as gathering statements from all of the parties involved in the auto crash. In a recent accident on Massachusetts Route 495, the investigation is impeded by the death of one driver and an inability to locate another.

Police were called to the scene of the crash on a recent Monday afternoon. A box truck had driven off the side of Route 495 in Mansfield, before coming to rest in a wooded area near that roadway. The driver of the truck, a 55-year-old man, suffered fatal injuries in the crash.

Police believe that another driver may have been involved in the incident, and could have made maneuvers that ran the other party off of the road. It is unclear whether this information was received from witnesses to the crash, or was the result of on-scene investigation. In some cases, police are able to determine the presence of another vehicle by examining tire marks or other forms of evidence.

In this case, Massachusetts police are asking for help in identifying the other driver believed to have been involved in the auto crash. They have stated that a red vehicle may have played a role in the accident, and are asking anyone with information to please contact authorities. As for the family of the man killed in the accident, they are likely waiting for any additional information that can help them understand the series of events that led to their loss.

Source: Norton, MA Patch, "State Police Looking For Public's Help with Fatal Truck Crash on Route 495", Linda Bock, July 13, 2015