18-wheeler crash leads to serious injuries

A terrible Massachusetts crash on Interstate 93 in Canton has left at least two people seriously injured, one of whom is a 1-year-old boy. The accident took place in the northbound lanes of travel around 10:30 a.m. on a recent Friday. Multiple vehicles were involved, including a car, van pickup truck and tractor trailer. The 18-wheeler crash remains under investigation, but preliminary details have been released.

Police believe that the crash was a chain-reaction event, with some of the vehicles being crushed between larger vehicles in a series of rear-end collisions. One of the vehicles that suffered the worst of the damage was a car driven by a woman and carrying a 1-year-old child. Photos of the accident site show that vehicle crushed almost beyond recognition between the van and pickup truck. The tractor trailer was at the front of the line of damaged vehicles.

Both the woman and child suffered serious injuries in the crash. The woman was airlifted by helicopter to an area hospital. The child was transported by ambulance to another hospital. That ambulance was driven by a Massachusetts State Trooper who responded to the scene so that both of the medics could focus their efforts on treating the child during transport.

As of the time of this report, the injuries suffered by both woman and child were said to be serious, but non life-threatening. There is no word on their current condition, nor their prognosis for recovery. It is also not clear if any of the others involved in the crash were injured. Police are continuing to investigate, and no charges have been filed as of yet. Regardless, should the gathered evidence suggest that negligence was a causal factor in this 18-wheeler crash, civil actions for personal injury could be filed by or on behalf of the seriously injured victims.

Source: necn.com, "Adult, 1-Year-Old Seriously Injured in I-93 Crash", Tim Jones, June 19, 2015