Police investigate whether drag race caused car crash

There are so many hazards that come along with automotive travel. There are risks that individuals can control, such as the condition and maintenance of their vehicles, as well as how rested and alert a driver is when he or she gets behind the wheel. Then there are those things that none of us can control, such as the choices made by others with whom we share the road. Massachusetts police are currently investigating a car crash in which drag racing may have played a causal role.

The crash took place in the middle of the night, on Beech Street in Rockland. Multiple 911 calls led police to the scene, where three vehicles were in various states of damage. The driver of one of those vehicles, a 17-year-old boy, was found partially ejected from his vehicle and pinned to the ground. Emergency responders were unable to save his life.

The driver of the second vehicle was also injured in the crash and rushed to an area hospital for emergency medical care. Two others were in a third vehicle that was involved, although it is unclear if they were also injured. Witnesses to the scene expressed their dismay at the injuries and property damage caused by the incident. Police are investigating to determine if drag racing was the cause of the accident.

For anyone who makes use of the Massachusetts roadways, stories such as this one likely bring on a degree of horror. The idea that one's life, or the life of a loved one, could be put at risk in this manner is difficult to stomach. Drivers have a responsibility to make choices that preserve the safety of everyone on the road. In car crash cases in which drag racing is involved, the level of negligence may be difficult to quantify or fully comprehend.

Source: whdh.com, "Rockland teen killed in early morning crash", Jennifer Eagan, Jan. 1, 2015