Drunk driving car crash rates on the decline

Recently released data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that the rate of fatal car accidents resulting from drunk driving may be on the decline. The numbers dropped at both the national level and for Massachusetts itself. Overall, the number of alcohol-related car crash deaths has declined 2.5 percent. In Massachusetts, there were 8.5 percent fewer traffic fatalities that had a direct link to alcohol use.

This information is good for all Massachusetts drivers, and the decline may be partly attributed to the many public awareness campaigns that the state has taken part in over recent years. The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign is one of these. This particular effort has spread beyond print media to include mentions on television, computer screens and even advertisements on mobile apps.

The drop in drunk driving deaths is certainly welcome news for Massachusetts drivers. However, even with the decline, the year 2013 still saw 118 individuals lose their lives in a manner that is absolutely preventable. The number of family members, friends and colleagues who were negatively impacted is even higher and impossible to quantify. Also incalculable is the loss of the contributions that those people might have made to society as a whole.

When an individual makes the decision to drink and drive, the outcome can range from a minor car crash to a serious accident that leads to the loss of a life. In such cases, there are legal options victims or their family members can pursue. By way of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, Massachusetts families can achieve a sense of justice, and often a degree of closure, in the matter.

Source: Wilmington, Ma. Patch, "Alcohol-Related Car Accident Deaths on the Decline in Massachusetts", Liz Taurasi, Jan. 15, 2015