2 killed in recent Massachusetts car crash

When police are called to the scene of a serious accident, the investigation process begins as soon as they arrive. Often, a great deal of evidence is present in the moments after a car crash, and police work hard to assess the scene and make initial observations as to how the accident took place and which party may be to blame in the matter. Witness accounts, physical evidence and markings such as tire tracks are all part of the process, and police work hard to gather as much information as possible while other emergency responders are doing their jobs in the same area.

Determining the causal factors in a car crash can be difficult. There are certain cases that are far from cut-and-dried, and where the investigation continues for a long time after the scene itself has been cleared. Such may be the case in a recent Massachusetts crash in which two people were killed and several others injured.

The collision took place on the Massachusetts turnpike. Police believe that the driver of a Honda Accord had experienced a flat tire, but was continuing to drive along the roadway. There were five individuals in the vehicle at the time. A man driving a Dodge Ram with a boat trailer attached approached the Accord and struck the smaller vehicle. This caused the Accord to roll over, leading to the death of two passengers within that car and injury of two others.

The accident remains under investigation, as Massachusetts police work to determine who was at fault in the matter. The driver of a disabled vehicle has the obligation to remove that vehicle from the path of oncoming traffic, whenever possible. At the same time, drivers are obligated to monitor the roadways in search of other traffic, including disabled vehicles, and avoid a collision whenever possible. In this case, it may be difficult for police to decide which driver is to blame for the loss of life and injuries that were brought about during the car crash.

Source: wmur.com, "Deerfield man driver in Mass. crash that killed 2", Jan. 1, 2015