Pedestrian seriously injured in an accident

Making the decision to drive involves the automatic assumption of a certain degree of risk. Drivers and passengers understand that there are a multitude of things that can go wrong on Massachusetts roadways, some that drivers can control and some that are beyond the control of anyone, and are simply a risk that comes with automotive travel. When a pedestrian is injured in an accident, however, it is a very different story.

Pedestrians have a responsibility to monitor the condition of the roadways that they choose to cross, and a great many accidents are prevented by this simple step. There are cases, however, in which no amount of vigilance can prevent a serious or even fatal outcome when a human being is struck by an automobile. A recent pedestrian crash exemplifies the dangers that people face when near or within a roadway.

Upon early investigation, police believe that a pedestrian was walking on Route 9 in Williamsburg on a recent Wednesday evening when a vehicle approached. The collision that followed left the victim in serious condition, and emergency responders rushed to transport her to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. There is no update on her condition as of the time of this report, but the State Police Crime Scene Services Section and Collision Analysis & Reconstruction Section worked to investigate the scene.

For the family of the Massachusetts woman who was struck and injured in this crash, these are harrowing days. As they wait to see what her her prognosis for recovery may be, their thoughts are likely far from their legal rights in the matter. However, should it be determined that negligence created the conditions through which she was injured in an accident, a personal injury lawsuit could help cover the cost of her medical care and other damages sustained in the incident.

Source:, "Williamsburg police & fire: Woman seriously injured after being hit by car on Route 9 near Pat's Package Store", Conor Berry, Jan. 29, 2015