Company fined for placing employees at risk for workplace injury

A Massachusetts company has been fined after dangerous work conditions were discovered during inspections by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Several hazards were found at the North Grafton plant for Wyman-Gordon Co., including those that placed employees at risk for workplace injury. The company was cited for 10 serious safety violations and three repeat violations.

The conditions cited by OSHA placed workers at an increased risk for electrical shock, amputations, falls and other injuries. Hazards also placed workers at risk for crushing injuries. Additionally, the options for workers to quickly exit the facility in case of an emergency were deemed insufficient. There was also limited access to fire extinguishers as well as damaged electrical panels.

Employers have an obligation to provide a safe work environment for all employees. Unnecessary hazards must be remedied and proper safety training should be provided to every individual. Workers have the right to a safe workplace, as well as the right to seek compensation when injuries do happen. If a worker has concerns about his or her rights or questions about how to proceed after a work accident, legal help is available.

The safety of Massachusetts workers is extremely important. Unfortunately, the well being of employees is not always the main priority of employers, and workers may have to act as their own advocate after a workplace injury. In order to fully protect their entitlements and effectively navigate a workers' compensation claim, a case evaluation with an experienced attorney is recommended. Benefits to cover medical expenses and lost income from work while recovering are typically included in a workers' comp award.

Source:, "Wyman-Gordon fined $145K for safety violations at North Grafton plant", Brad Petrishen, Dec. 8, 2015