1 dead, 4 injured in early morning car crash on Route 195

Massachusetts drivers on eastbound Route 195 in Marion may have been delayed for some time during a vehicle accident investigation on a recent Wednesday morning. Authorities from several departments were involved in the investigation and reconstruction of the car crash. The incident reportedly involved two vehicles and occurred in the left travel lane.

A preliminary accident report issued by the Massachusetts State Police indicates that the driver of an eastbound van lost control of his vehicle, which flipped over. The reason for the driver's loss of control is still being investigated. Although not many details were made available, officers reported that a pickup truck that was also involved in the incident.

Emergency workers reportedly took three injured victims to a hospital in Rhode Island. A fourth person was apparently admitted to a local hospital before being airlifted to a hospital in Boston. It was also reported that one man lost his life in the crash. The accident report did not mention in which vehicle the accident victims were traveling.

When drivers or passengers of vehicles are injured or killed in road accidents in Massachusetts, those who suffered the consequences of another party's negligence are entitled to pursue financial relief. In the case of a fatality, an immediate surviving family member may act on behalf of the deceased. An experienced personal injury attorney can assess the circumstances of the car crash and help to identify all responsible parties. Once negligence can be established before a civil court, documented financial, physical and emotional losses will be considered for inclusion in a monetary judgment.

Source: sippican.villagesoup.com, "Early morning accident in Marion leaves 1 dead, several injured", Dec. 16, 2015