Moped rider seriously injured in auto crash

When Massachusetts drivers take to the road, there is a responsibility to take precautions to avoid a collision with another vehicle. We all share the roadways that connect our communities, and each and every driver must take care to be aware of the presence of others and make responsible choices in the operation of a vehicle. When these responsibilities are not met, a serious auto crash can occur.

A recent incident highlights the importance of being aware of one's surroundings while on the road. On a weekday afternoon, the driver of a Volvo truck was making a right-hand turn off of Route 1 North in Peabody and into a parking lot. The driver struck an individual who was operating a moped in the right emergency lane.

The force of that impact left the moped operator with serious injuries, as is expected in a collision between an enclosed vehicle and a motorcycle or moped. The 41-year-old man was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment. There is no report on the specific injuries suffered in the crash, or the man's prognosis for recovery. The 48-year-old man who was driving the truck was uninjured in the accident.

As Massachusetts police continue to investigate the matter, additional details may become available. Should they determine that the truck driver was negligent, criminal charges could result. In addition, the man who was injured in the auto crash could seek restitution by means of a civil lawsuit for personal injury. The results of a successful civil case could aid him in covering the cost of his medical care and any loss in income resulting from the accident.

Source: Peabody, MA Patch, "Update: State Police Investigating Accident Near Sonic", Adam Swift, Aug. 12, 2015