Improperly parked tractor trailer leads to serious injury

As a nation, we depend on commercial trucking to deliver the goods that fill the shelves in virtually every retail store in the country. The companies and drivers who manage and operate the trucks that provide this vital service are held to certain safety standards. When those standards are not properly met, serious injury and even death can result. A recent Massachusetts crash may serve as a powerful example of the risk that tractor-trailer trucks can pose to other drivers.

The crash remains under investigation, but police believe that the accident took place after a truck was illegally parked on the side of Main Street in North Reading. The driver of that vehicle may have been parked in that position in preparation to unload a delivery to a nearby auto dealership. While the tractor trailer was positioned on the side of the southbound lanes of travel, a woman crashed her Chevrolet Malibu into the rear of the truck.

The force of that impact was sufficient to shear the roof of the sedan. The woman suffered serious injuries in the crash and was taken to an area hospital for emergency medical treatment. She is expected to survive those injuries, but her prognosis for recovery is not yet known.

The tractor-trailer crash is currently under investigation, and no criminal charges have been made in the case as of yet. If Massachusetts authorities determine that the driver who illegally parked that vehicle was negligent, the woman who suffered serious injury in the crash may choose to file a civil suit in the matter. A successful personal injury lawsuit could provide the financial means needed to pay for her current and future medical care, which can quickly climb into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Source: North Reading, MA Patch, "Update: Victim of Serious Crash on Main Street MedFlighted to Boston", Adam Swift, Aug. 12, 2015