Fatal workplace injury leaves family in grief

One Massachusetts family is currently in the early stages of the grieving process after a tragic accident claimed the life of their loved one. A fatal workplace injury took the life of a construction worker who was part of a sewer-replacement project in the town of Longmeadow. As the surviving family members try to come to grips with their loss, investigators are working to piece together the series of events that led up to the incident.

Upon preliminary investigation, it appears that a water main break flooded a trench in the constriction zone. It is unclear why the worker was in or near the trench at the time of the flood or how quickly others in the crew realized that he was trapped in the rising water. What is known is that it took recovery crews hours to extract the worker's body from the flooded trench.

In cases in which a workplace injury leads to death, the family that is left behind has the ability to receive workers' compensation benefits. Often, these benefits give the family the ability to move forward after their loss, especially in cases in which the deceased worker was the primary source of income for the family. It is important for families in this position to understand their rights in the matter and to have access to a trusted legal adviser to help guide the process of obtaining those benefits.

As the investigation into this fatal workplace injury continues, additional details may be made available. In the meantime, the family of the Massachusetts worker will move though his final arrangements and begin to adjust to their sudden loss. It is hoped that they have the full range of emotional and financial support needed to make those transitions and that they are aware of their rights in regard to workers' compensation benefits.

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