Catastrophic injuries end the life of Boston cyclist

A tragic accident has claimed the life of a Boston woman as she rode her bicycle through what locals consider to be the city's most dangerous intersection. The incident took place on a recent Friday morning, as the woman entered the intersection of Beacon Street and Massachusetts Avenue in Back Bay. The collision happened in the early morning as a flatbed truck was making a turn through the intersection. The woman, in her 30s, was struck by the truck and was unable to survive the catastrophic injuries that resulted.

The truck driver did not stop after the collision. Police were able to identify and locate the driver later in the day. It is unclear whether the driver was aware that he had struck the cyclist. As of the time of this report, no arrest has been made in the case, but authorities are still investigating the incident.

Various groups and individuals advocate for the rights and safety of cyclists, and this intersection has been of particular concern. Several other recent incidents have taken place here, including collisions involving drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. According to many, accidents like the one discussed here can be prevented by the use of certain safety devices that can be installed on tractor-trailers. One of those devices is known as a side guard and acts as a sort of wall to prevent people and bicycles from being caught under the rear wheels of a big truck. Side mirrors can also help drivers ensure that there are no cyclists at the rear before making a turn.

As the investigation into this case continues, Massachusetts authorities may be able to determine if the driver of the truck was at fault in the accident. If so, criminal charges could follow. The family of the woman killed due to catastrophic injuries sustained in the incident also has the right to seek recourse by means of a wrongful death suit. Such an action could be taken against the driver of the truck, as well as the company that employs him and maintains the safety equipment installed on that vehicle.

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