No charges to be filed in tragic automobile accident

Many Massachusetts readers will remember a horrific incident that took place last December and brought devastating injuries to a young woman who had just graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She remains hospitalized and unconscious, and the Northwestern District Attorney's office recently released a statement summarizing the results of the police investigation into the matter. The young woman's family continue to struggle to come to terms with the outcome of the auto accident, even as they learn that no charges will be filed against the driver responsible for the automobile accident.

The incident took place as the 22-year-old woman was walking through a crosswalk at an intersection near her family's home. An 18-year-old woman was driving through the intersection when she collided with the body of the pedestrian. Police assert that weather conditions led to poor visibility at the time of the crash.

Police reports indicate that the driver believed that she had struck someone, but that she continues to operate her vehicle for another 150 feet before coming to a stop. As a result, the pedestrian was dragged beneath the vehicle, and remained pinned underneath for approximately 20 minutes after the car stopped. After a full investigation into the matter, police believe that the collision was an accident, and that criminal charges in the matter were not warranted. In making that decision, they noted that the teen who was driving the car stopped at the scene, was among the first to contact 911, remained on the scene and cooperated fully with the investigation process.

The young woman who was struck in the Massachusetts automobile accident suffered significant injury to her brain, and two plates of bone were removed from her skull to accommodate swelling. She is currently being treated in a rehabilitation facility and has shown some signs of promise since the time of the injury. However, her family has stated that should she require lifetime care, the cost could reach several million dollars. They are seeking compensation for that care through a personal injury lawsuit.

Source:, "Driver who struck Chloe Rombach in Northampton crosswalk will not face criminal charges; parents say failure to stop sooner worsened daughter's injuries", Rebecca Everette, April 7, 2015