Massachusetts auto crash injures 4

When an automobile accident takes place on Massachusetts roadways, a series of events is set into motion. As soon as emergency dispatchers are notified of an auto crash, emergency responders are sent to the scene. Upon arrival, emergency medical workers begin to assess the injuries suffered during the crash, and prioritize treatment to those who are hurt. Police arrive shortly thereafter and immediately begin assessing the scene for signs of the cause of the accident.

From that point onward, police work to determine which driver may have been at fault in the crash, or if the incident was unavoidable due to traffic or weather concerns. This investigation includes taking comprehensive photographs of the scene, evaluating the damage to each vehicle, and looking for signs such as tire marks or damage to nearby structures. Additionally, toxicology scans will add to the base of evidence, in many cases. All of these clues will aid investigators as they determine the cause of a given accident, as well as whether negligence played a role.

Such is the case for a New Salem car crash that has seriously injured at least one individual and harmed three others to a lesser degree. The crash took place on a recent Sunday afternoon and involved three vehicles. Traffic was halted on the roadway as the scene was processed. There is no word as to the cause of the crash or whether criminal charges are being considered.

As this case moves forward, additional information may be made available. Often, the result of an investigation leads to criminal charges, especially when it appears that one or more drivers acted negligently in the moments leading up to the collision. Should that be the case here, those who were injured in this Massachusetts auto crash will be able to pursue personal injury suits against the driver, should they decide to do so.

Source:, "New Salem car crash seriously injures one, victim flown to Worcester by medical helicopter", Jeanette DeForge, Sept. 21, 2014